Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights


Last October, Facebook rolled out their new Insights for Pages to help admins understand how their content reflects on their users. Facebook’s Insights is a free analytics tool that is actually very good, but is often underutilized.

So let’s take a look at some of the key features, and how social media marketers and admins can use these insights to understand your audience better and help improve the value of your Page.

Where do I start?

To begin using Insights, a Page must first have a minimum of 30 “Likes”. Facebook will then collect anonymous data based on a person’s activity on that Page – with several other measures taken to protect privacy (oddly enough…) and make sure that these metrics remain non-identifiable. The data from Facebook is processed and displayed on Insights within 48 hours.

What does Insights measure?

On the Insights Dashboard, the first thing you will notice is the Overview Tab, which provides basic information about several key statistics (Total Likes, Friends of Fans, People Talking About This, and Total Reach) over the past week, and these metrics are graphed out as well.

For example, here are the Page Insights from BeyondMVP started in mid-2012 as a community for Startup and Product Launch enthusiasts, particularly in the Atlanta metropolitan area.


Click the image to view in full.

Below the Overview graph, you can view your individual posts and their corresponding metrics, and by clicking on the different numbers you can see a detailed breakdown of data. By clicking on the top bars of this section, your posts can also be organized in various ways to see which posts have had the most effective Reach, Engaged Users, etc.


The main Page Post Metrics that are available to measure performance are “Likes”, “Reach”, and “Talking About This” – with subcategories that can be expanded to provide more in-depth insights:

1)      Likes

  • Friends of Fans – The number of combined friends that your Page’s fans have that would potentially see a post if shared by all of your fans.

2)      Reach – The number of unique fans who have seen any of your Page’s posts – including when it’s shown in the news feed.

  • Virality – The percentage of people who have created a post based on your post’s content compared to its Total Reach. Basically measures the likelihood of a person sharing something about your Page and its posts to their friends.

3)      Talking About This – The number of people who interacted and engaged/took action with your page in any way during a selected date range.

Each of these statistics measures something different, but they all give you a better picture of how your Page has been doing so that you can make adjustments where needed.

Using Insights for Page Improvement

As mentioned before, Facebook’s Insights is a very good analytics tool that’s free of charge, and you want to take advantage of these metrics because they show how your audience changes over time.

With Insights, your brand gains a better understanding of your audience so that you can optimize your Facebook Page to provide a more desirable experience to them.

If fans are going up but reach is going down, you may want to create more interactive and engaging content. When you look at each of your posts, see which ones are most viral so that you can post more content of this type. This will help increase the receptiveness of your messages to your Fans, increase the number of people “Talking About” the Page, and expose more of your messages to their friends.

Since Insights data is constantly changing, it’s best to regularly monitor these metrics so that you can re-evaluate your marketing strategy or re-define your target audience periodically. This will help drive more traffic to your Page (and your business website!) when you cater to your audience’s needs.

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