Using Buffer App to Tweet Like a Pro


While there are plenty of social media dashboards and tools available, one of the absolute best apps we’ve come across in terms of scheduling the delivery of content is called Buffer.

With the addition of browser extensions and the integration of analytics insights, Buffer is a tool that you must be using today in order to simplify your social media efforts.

Buffer: A Smarter Way to Share

Using Buffer’s online dashboard and mobile app, sharing across social networks is extremely easy and efficient.

There are two versions of Buffer that can be used:

  1. The free version of Buffer allows you to manage one Twitter, Facebook (page or profile), and LinkedIn account with up to 10 updates in your Buffer schedule.
  2. If you are a social media manager that has multiple accounts, the “Awesome Plan” is well worth the $10/month by allowing unlimited posts for up to 12 social profiles, and the ability to add two team members. PS: We are in no way affiliated with Buffer, it is just that awesome!

Dashboards such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck are both useful in their own rights, but watching real-time streams of Twitter Timelines scroll across the screen while trying to schedule posts can be very distracting. After a short period of time, it will make your eyes want to bleed!


Buffer screenshotBuffer, on the other hand, has a very clean and distraction-free user interface for sharing with your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and social accounts.





When you add something to your Buffer, it automatically queues this content into a pre-determined schedule.

(Click on the images to view them in full)


buffer extensions


One huge benefit of using Buffer is that there are extensions that can be added to a browser’s toolbar that will further simplify and allow you to share content quickly.

Here are a few examples of the Buffer App Extension on Google Chrome Browser, and how it can be used to easily Buffer content directly from a webpage.









RetweetPlus, you can Buffer something by simply clicking the retweet button on Twitter.

Tweriod Analysis

Another benefit of using Buffer, is that you can optimize the sharing of Tweets by using Tweriod to analyze when your followers are online.

By running a Tweriod analysis on your Twitter account, it will give you the best times to tweet on certain days so that you tweet when it makes the most sense  – in order to maximize reach and exposure.

Tweriod has even taken this one step further by allowing you to export this schedule directly to your Buffer account.

 bitly Analysis

While Buffer already offers free analytics insights within its dashboard, social media managers can keep track of additional metrics by using a link-shortening tool such as bitly.



Simplified & Optimized Social Sharing

We hope that this article has provided valuable insights into using Buffer App to make your social sharing more efficient and valuable.

If you are currently using Buffer, we’d love to hear how you are using this great tool by leaving us a comment below, and if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask!


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