Key Takeaways from Facebook’s “New-Look” News Feed


The “New” News Feed will provide a seamless UI across all platforms. (Image via Facebook)

Facebook held a Press Event today to unveil their “New-Look” News Feed, with a more consistent experience across the desktop, tablet, and phone.

According to Zuckerberg, this New-Look News Feed is designed to be a “personalized newspaper” that is highly visual with less clutter.

Why the Redesign is Important for Brands

Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm basically got axed now that users will be able to filter and sort their own content by choosing different Feeds –  such as “Friends” feeds, “Following” feeds, “Music” feeds, “Photo” feeds, and more.

This will provide a better user experience across all platforms while giving brands the ability to create and target content specifically to particular feeds and, more importantly, targeted to the right viewers.

The engagement and reach of posts will vary as it will take time for brands to adapt to the changes in the new user interface as it is rolled out over the next few weeks.

Whether the audience is engaged in a longer session (typically using the desktop or tablet) or shorter session, brands will have to begin posting at several different times throughout the day to adjust to the redesigned News Feed.

News Feed

Image via Mashable

The web experience is highly visual today, and it may have taken a while, but Facebook finally hit the nail on the head with this latest redesign in terms of focusing on visual stimuli.

Photos will take up more real-estate, and videos from 3rd-party sites such as YouTube and Vimeo will now be featured just as prominently as native videos that are posted directly through Facebook. This was a much-needed update for video content, with the ability to play these directly from the News Feed as well as in full-width. The larger video thumbnails will also give brands the opportunity to leverage video content better by allowing more room to get creative.


Image via HubSpot

After seeing the Press Event and the latest images and videos of the updated News Feed design, we are impressed by these changes. They will give marketers the ability to tell a brand’s story more effectively.

So, what are your thoughts about this “New Look”? How do you think they will affect Facebook Ads?

See what Facebook had to say on their official Newsroom page, and here are some of the other key takeaways from our Twitter account tweeted during the live event.

FB News Feed 2


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