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Social media makes it easy for users to pick and choose the topics, people and trends that interest them the most. On LinkedIn, businesses and brands can organize their content for followers in several different ways using Company Pages, Group Pages and – most recently – Showcase Pages.

This latest addition to the LinkedIn toolbox allows companies to draw special attention to their various feature and product offerings without inundating followers with redundant or irrelevant content.

According to Hubspot, there are a few other key differences as well:

  • Showcase Pages’ larger banner images and two-column layout make it easier to display content
  • Unlike Group Pages, Showcase Pages allow you to advertise
  • Unlike Company Pages, Showcase Pages do not show career listings or employee profiles

One example of a company using Showcase Pages effectively is Microsoft. You can still follow Microsoft’s Business Page, but with Showcase Pages you can also follow the individual Microsoft products that interest you the most, such as Microsoft Office. By following the Microsoft Office Showcase Page, users receive information that is related exclusively to Office rather than to everything under the Microsoft umbrella.

Tips for Creating Your First Showcase Page

With Showcase Pages – as with all social channels – building your audience will take time. You will need to design and implement a strategy to track your growth. The good news is that your Showcase Page can provide valuable insights into audience engagement, follower growth and much more. By tracking these items, you can also see what content does and does not work for your page.

When it comes to content, remember that no two platforms are alike. Compare Microsoft’s Office Facebook Page and the Office Showcase Page. The content on the Facebook Page caters to casual Office users while the Showcase Page focuses on those who use Office in a workplace setting. Seeing as LinkedIn is a business-related social platform, their strategy makes complete sense.

Effective Showcase Pages highlight specific business areas that have their own unique messages or audience segments. You can create a new Showcase Page from your Company Page’s “Edit” menu. Select “Create a Showcase Page” and begin adding content! More information is available on LinkedIn’s Start Guide for Showcase Pages. Most importantly, remain patient and keep going.

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