Congrats TechBridge for Successful Crowdfunding Platform Launch


You’ve probably already heard about equity crowdfunding and crowdfunding for real estate, but did you know you can also contribute to nonprofit crowdfunding projects too?

Earlier this week, our clients at TechBridge unveiled the world’s first curated crowdfunding website for nonprofits: The Nonprofit Exchange. The big reveal took place during TechBridge’s annual fundraising, the Digital Ball, and featured a live crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $18,000 in under a minute. Since then, the campaign has raised more than $32,000 for the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation.

“The launch of the TechBridge Nonprofit Exchange at the Digital Ball exceeded our expectations,” said Jennifer Higgins, manager of the Nonprofit Exchange. “This very positive kickoff gives us great momentum as we seek to fund at least two new nonprofit technology projects each month on the exchange.”

TechbridgeFounded in 2000, TechBridge provides nonprofit organizations with the tools, resources and relationships they need in order to further their missions. TechBridge has enlisted iFusion for help with content and launch strategy, media relations and PR, and we are very excited to have played a role in their success. Congratulations, TechBridge!

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