Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

“The email channel has evolved beyond the typical e-newsletter. Now campaigns with videos, surveys and other rich media content give burgeoning companies the edge they need. It is also relatively inexpensive—something that is always important to a new company.” – Megan Feltes

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With all the hype around mobile, social, etc., email marketing seems like an antiquated tool. While it’s not the new and shiny object like its cousins, email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. In fact, for startup founders, the email list could be your most important marketing asset in the early years.

Here are two email marketing facts to consider:

Email and e-newsletter marketing is the second most effective tool for acquiring customers, with SEO being the most effective. (*Source:
In terms of Return on Investment (ROI), the industry average reports a return of $43 to every $1 spent on email marketing. (*Source:
Email marketing has evolved beyond the generic newsletter to a form of digital engagement where content is customized to each segment within the list, but determining the right level of frequency is still key. There is a fine line between email marketing and email spamming. While unsubscribes will happen, keeping email marketing content relevant, timely, and interesting is essential to increase open and click-through rates – with subscribers more likely to stick around.

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