Impact of Long-Tail SEO

Low Competition + Low Cost + High Conversion

Generally, B2C companies optimize for driving traffic to the site or page where the call to action is a purchase or a download while B2B companies focus their SEO efforts on generating quality leads that can be fed into a marketing automation system or passed to the sales team.

Seventy percent of searches online contain three or more words in the search query. This makes it increasingly important that a website not only uses “fat-head” (high-volume) and “chunky” (middle-volume) keywords, but that the site is also optimized for long-tail keyword phrases – which usually contain three or more words.

The purpose of using long-tail phrases is easy to see: Someone who is searching for an item or service by a specific phrase is more likely to be deeper in the proverbial buyer funnel and therefore closer to making a purchase decision than one who uses a general keyword.

Here’s an example to illustrate the above point:

A retail business researching in-store signage might conduct a search with the keyword “signage.” This brings up almost 50 million results.


For a signage company, however, ranking highly for such “fat-head” keywords is more costly due to the higher volume of results returned as well as the increased level of competition.






Now, if this were a digital signage company, they could focus their SEO efforts on ranking higher for those that are searching for “digital signage.” A quick search on Google for “digital signage” returned 15 million results or what is characterized as more “chunky.”


The key with long-tail SEO though is to unlock the right combination of keywords to target a specific niche or product offering as it is more budget efficient to rank higher on these search results due to less competition. In fact, long-tail SEO terms offer more value and returns per visitor as they provide 2.5 times higher conversion rates than “Fat Head” keywords.




So, if a digital signage company offered unique solutions such as “flexible digital LED signage”, then they would serve well to target website traffic from search engines to those potential customers who have a high-interest in this particular product.


While there are many fundamentals to be considered for effective SEO strategy such as the overall design and content of a website, link building, and keyword research, it is becoming increasingly important to use targeted long-tail SEO phrases to generate more qualified leads at a lower cost. If you’re looking for effective digital marketing services in San Francisco, check out this san francisco seo agency.

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