Venture Atlanta

The Situation

Venture Atlanta is a venture conference held in Atlanta, Georgia each year that connects investors with early- and growth-stage startups. The organization tasked iFusion with keeping the conference top of mind throughout the year so that it could grow the number of applications and investors to the event.

Venture Atlanta_casewebSolution

iFusion developed a content program that showcases Venture Atlanta alumni companies as well as up and coming startups in Georgia. Elements established in the first year:

  • Blog with weekly posts
  • Email newsletter with 3 to 4 original articles deployed monthly

A bi-weekly curated email brief was added in 2013 and in 2015, social media engagement was added to iFusion’s responsibilities.


  • Email List increased almost 2000% over 4 year. [< 100 in 2011 to > 1,800 in June 2015]
  • Site visits increased by 400%
  • Conference has been sold-out every year since 2012



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