Technology Marketing Strategy and Planning

We take a Lean approach to Technology Marketing Strategy and Tactics. Modeled after the Lean Startup, this Customer-centric methodology combines 15+ years of experience gathering Buyer Insights and introducing Clients’ disruptive technologies to build results-driven go-to-market strategies.

iFusion helped us see our product through the eyes of our customers and understand exactly what we do that our buyers care about. It would have taken us a year to piece all of this together on our own, as a start up you just don’t have that kind of time. — CEO, HR Software Startup

Customer Engagement

We deliver thought-leadership and brand awareness programs that help our clients stand out throughout the buyer journey. What makes us different?

We are a collective comprised of experts in specialty areas: Strategy, Search Marketing, Social Media, Video Production, Mobile / Web / Graphic Design and Development, Media Buying, Copy writing, etc. Teams are assemble as needed. The composition of each team is based on each client’s unique needs.


Presentation Coaching

Our presentation coaches are former TEDTalk speakers, TEDx Talk coaches and veterans of speaking to the public and to member of the media. We help startup founders, subject matter experts, sales professionals and senior executives prepare for key presentations, media interviews, TED-like talks and other speaking engagements.


iFusion HQ

5200 Peachtree Road
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