Marketing Strategy and Planning

iFuse Process


We assist technology companies find Product-Market Fit and develop Marketing Strategy that help them grow their customer base. Each Strategy and Planning engagement is kicked off with iFuse™, a rapid discovery process facilitated by iFusion in collaboration with key members of the client’s management team.

During this process, marketing challenges are quickly identified and prescriptive programs developed with the use of client insights, and Buyer and Market intelligence gained through primary and secondary research.

This approach informs our process of assessing and evaluating the right engagement channels and technology solutions that optimize lead acquisition and nurturing activities.  Hire Us

Typical Deliverables:

Audience Identification
Audience Prioritization
Key Message Development
Buyer Journey Insights
Brand Archecture
Naming Services
Brand Identity
Marketing Operations Audit
Tactical Marketing Plan
Marketing Technology RFPs
Product Launch Plan


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